How To Get Your Man’s Attention During The World Cup

How To Get Your Man’s Attention During The World Cup

With winter fast approaching, the norm for this time of year would be for couples to look forward to finding some enjoyable ways to stay warm at night, especially as everyone will want to be cautious how much energy they use.

Some might even have imagined that high energy prices would offer an extra excuse to turn off the electric lights, use the romantic glow of candlelight instead and take the romantic mood to its natural conclusion.

However, this year there is an unusual factor to contend with, one that you may need to buy sexy lingerie to counteract - the World Cup.

Due to the highly contentious decision to award the tournament to Qatar, the event has been switched away from the June-July slot it would normally have occupied to winter, in order to avoid the blazing summer temperatures of the Gulf region.

That may have been good news for some ladies - at least the England team, as they could grab all the summer limelight by winning the European Championships.  But now the women of England and Wales face an early winter in which attempts to bring football home may be a distraction from other domestic events.

Clearly this just won’t do. Perhaps it is time to remind the lads that when England actually did win the whole thing back in 1966, the team’s mascot was called World Cup Willie. So this is clearly a time for plenty of his namesake.

Still, some sexy lingerie might just have a particularly useful role after matches. If he is left disappointed, you could be there to cheer him up and make him forget all about his own football team’s lack of touch and penetration. And if they win, you can help him celebrate in style.

None of the above applies in Scotland, of course, as they failed to qualify. Up there, the ladies can carry on as normal - unless their menfolk are too busy cheering on whoever is playing England.