How To Sizzle This Summer

How To Sizzle This Summer

With June almost upon us, summer is just about here and while for some that may mean long afternoons at the cricket or watching Wimbledon with a bowl of strawberries and cream, others may be a bit more interested in their own ‘performances’ than that of those chasing a little ball around a tennis court or cricket field.

Indeed, if the only covers you want to get under have nothing to do with cricket and the only googly… well, you get the point. For some, summer is first and foremost a great time to look and feel sexy as the hot weather gives you a chance to consign those warm jumpers and long trousers to the cupboard for a few months.

Whether that means wearing sexy shorts or a crop top, or even a bikini on the beach, the big issue for women when outside will be body confidence. Needless to say, there will be no shortage of advice on how to enhance it, whether it’s more serious stuff from Psychology Today or the top tips from the celebs in Cosmopolitan.

Never forget, however, that body confidence in summer isn’t just about what you wear and how you act in public. You will also take that with you into the bedroom at night.

Consequently, summer may feel like a tricky time if you aren’t feeling so confident in your appearance.  You might not want to show so much flesh and envy those who dare to bare. That could, in turn, inhibit you when you get back home.

For that reason, some sexy underwear sets could help you along. It will not only get you feeling good, but it could provide all the encouragement a man needs when he gets home. After all, it might serve to cheer him up no end after watching England playing cricket.

The other thing to consider is that summer brings more daylight and warmer nights, occasionally very hot and sticky ones. But then again, those Midsummer twilights can be wonderfully atmospheric and if it really is hot, that could be a perfect excuse to take everything off.

Best of all, heatwaves often end with spectacular thunderstorms, which could provide a dramatic and primeval backing track and special effects for some uninhibited flows of electricity in the bedroom.

Besides all this, summer brings holidays and while there is a great temptation to fly off somewhere now Covid restrictions are minimal in most places, you might also fancy enjoying the best of British in the summer.

A camping trip out into the countryside, for instance, could lead to some exciting adventures, perhaps even having a wild camp where you can be alone together in splendid and romantic isolation, far away from civilisation (you should, of course, check the guidance on this, or the wildest thing of all may be the farmer).

Whether in a tent halfway up a mountain or at home on a steamy night with nature’s finest pyrotechnics putting on a show, the right underwear can help make your midsummer nights into an absolute dream.