Lily James Hailed ‘Hottest Woman In Lingerie’

Lily James Hailed ‘Hottest Woman In Lingerie’

Lily James has spent a lot of time recently in skimpy outfits, portraying actress Pamela Anderson in her latest project. And it seems the star has replicated the blonde bombshell in every way possible, as she looks just as incredible in swimsuits and lingerie as her character. 

The English actress has been starring in the Hulu production of Pam & Tommy, showcasing the stormy relationship between the two celebrities, who famously got married 96 hours after meeting each other. 

Posing in sheer blue lingerie recently, the 33-year-old certainly looked as hot as Pamela in her heyday, with one fan claiming she was the “best looking woman on planet earth”, reported the Express

Lobselvith noted she “does really look like Pam used to”, thanks to her smouldering pout and platinum blonde wig. The plunging bra and tiny thong made the most of the actress’ assets, as well as her sky-high strappy heels that added plenty of height to her already long legs. 

The miniseries, starring Sebastian Stan as Tommy Lee, has proved a hit among TV audiences, and won two awards as the Hollywood Critics Association Television Awards earlier this year. 

Although Lily James is best known for playing more reserved characters in dramas such as War & Peace and Downton Abbey, as well as the children’s flick Cinderella, she has embraced her more revealing role head on.

Pamela Anderson, of course, has had a career based on both her acting and her stunning looks, wearing a skimpy swimsuit for most of her time in Baywatch, with the hit TV series making her a household name in the ‘90s. 

While lots of women don’t have Anderson’s confidence in a bathing suit that doesn’t mean they can’t look just as stunning in lingerie. 

There are so many styles of underwear to choose from these days, so it is easy to find one to best suit your shape and style. For instance, ladies who are a bit conscious of their stomachs will find chemises perfect for showing off just enough skin, without revealing too much. 

Minidresses are perfect for women who want to create a little bit of mystery in the bedroom, while corsets show off cinched-in waists and womanly hips.  

If your chest is your best asset, make the most of it with a plunging or balconette bra, while ladies with a butt the Kardashians would be proud of should wear a skimpy thong to highlight their enviable feature. 

Don’t forget you can also dress up in the bedroom to add some more spice – not that Pam and Tommy needed it! Costumes such as nurses’ outfits, teacher sets, nuns’ suits and maids’ sets are always popular and could fulfil your partner’s sexy dreams. 

Sex toys also set the bedroom on fire, so get your hands on bondage equipment, vibrators, dildos, handcuffs, sex dolls or anal toys that you think will turn you and your lover on. 

If this isn’t enough inspiration for a fiery sex life, you could always catch Pam & Tommy on TV for their Rockstar antics. 

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