The Ultimate Guide To Sexy Lingerie

The Ultimate Guide To Sexy Lingerie

Ladies who want to spice up their love life might be thinking about going lingerie sexy shopping, but the choice of stylish underwear can be mind-blowing if you’re not used to it. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to sexy lingerie, so you can purchase something saucy for the bedroom like a pro.


  • Babydolls

Babydolls are a great choice for women who want to look sexy but want to keep something hidden for later. They typically consist of fitted pants and a floaty, sometimes see-through, top.

The bra is fitted within the outfit and there is often a slit under the bust, just enough to reveal a little more skin during romantic moments.

These are ideal for those who don’t want anything too fitted, but still want to look attractive for their partners.


  • Bodies

Ladies who do like a more fitted choice of outfit should opt for a body. These are an all-in-one piece that includes both pants and bra, covering the stomach area.

There are many styles of bodies you can choose, including ones that are corseted, have plunging necklines, are crotchless or sheer, or have an open bust entirely.


  • Chemises

Chemises are very similar to babydolls but their dress is slightly longer, covering the buttock area. Ladies who want to keep their derriere hidden till later might prefer these, as they are really feminine without being too revealing.

Some chemises come with matching knickers, while others simply consist of a sexy slip.


  • Corsets

Corsets have long-been popular lingerie sets, with the hook-eye fastenings or ribbon straps cinching in the waist and accentuating hips. Strapless corsets are always a favourite, while bigger busted ladies might prefer ones with bra straps instead.

Team these with suspenders for a really classic sexy look.


  • Teddies

Teddies are almost identical to bodies, as they cover both the crotch and torso. However, they are sometimes looser and tend to be made from sheer material, giving partners a little taste of what it is to come later.


  • Bodystockings

For an outfit that certainly won’t get forgotten about, why not choose a bodystocking? This is a bodysuit that also includes matching stockings or suspenders.

The piece might, in fact, cover you from the toes to your shoulders, but don’t worry, they are typically completely see-through with a hint of colour or lace detailing, showing off bodies in the best light.

Take off your dress and your lover will surely be surprised to see this erotic garment underneath!


  • Bedroom costumes

While they might not be lingerie you wear out on a date, there is definitely room for costumes in the bedroom, so don’t dismiss them.

The typical dress maid, nurse, secretary, and teacher outfits are always a sell-out, while you can also get your hands on a nun, bunny, sexy spy, sailor and witch’s cat ensembles.

Don’t forget simple accessories, such as nipple covers, masks and handcuffs too, as these all make bedroom antics that bit kinkier.