Thongs Vs Briefs: Which One To Wear?

Thongs Vs Briefs: Which One To Wear?

Whether to wear a thong or larger briefs is a personal decision, but there are definite advantages to both. Here we explore the pros of thongs to help you make your mind up about whether you’re a G-string or underpants kind of girl. 



The main benefit of wearing a thong is avoiding a visible panty line (or VPL). If you’re in a bodycon dress, a tight pair of jeans, cigarette pants or leggings, you might not want everyone to see the shape and style of your knickers, which is why thongs are helpful, as they hide any visible lines under your clothes. 



Some ladies find the lines of briefs irritating against their skin, whereas thongs have a smaller amount of material, providing less irritation and better movement. Get yourself a comfortable fabric, like cotton or satin, and you may even forget you’ve got one on!



There’s no denying that thongs are sexy. Wearing them in a lingerie set highlights your best assets, making you feel your most confident. 

“No one will know what you are wearing under your outerwear, but it feels great to wear expensive thong panties that escalate your passion,” Lifestyle By PS stated


No ride up

There’s nothing more irritating than having your pants ride up your legs throughout the day, or worse, give you a constant wedgie. Thongs, designed as they are, never really move, so you can do a gym workout, wear tight jeans, or get changed without having to reconfigure your panty arrangement. 

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