What Type Of Knickers Do You Wear?

What Type Of Knickers Do You Wear?

Choosing a new sexy lingerie set is definitely a form of self-care, treating yourself to something luxurious, elegant and sexy. However, unless you know what suits and fits you well, it can be a bit confusing these days, thanks to the huge choice of knickers, bras, and hosiery. 

Our breakdown of different briefs and thongs will, hopefully, help you know more about the difference between a G-string and a bikini brief, so you can find the perfect set for you. 

  • Thong

  • Let’s start with the most obvious, the thong. This is a panty with a thin line of material at the back instead of full coverage. They are not only sexy, but also great to wear underneath clothes if you are worried about getting a VPL. 

    Skinny jeans and bodycon dresses nearly always require a thong, so it is worth having a few in the drawer, even if they’re not your favourite items to wear. 

    Thongs are also ideal for pear-shaped ladies, as they make legs appear longer. 

  • Bikini briefs

  • Bikini briefs are favoured by women who still want minimal material, but don’t want their bums hanging out. They are low-waisted and have narrow sides, so are great if you don’t want a lot of ruffled material at the edges. 

    Ladies who like to wear low-rise trousers or skirts, or find it more comfortable to have pants sit below their hip bone are sure to like these best. 

  • High waisted

  • Long gone are the days where high-waisted pants were as unsexy as Bridget Jones’ knickers. There are now thousands of luxurious and flattering choices of high-waisted panties that not only make you feel comfortable, but look incredible. 

    Some ladies love to wear these to hide or cover their bellies, while others just love the feel of complete coverage. 

  • Shorts

  • The ultimate comfort panty, however, is not Bridget’s; it’s a pair of sexy shorts. Yes, shorts can be sexy, even if your intention for wearing them is predominantly for comfort. As they look like you’ve just slipped on a pair of your guy’s boxers, there is something undeniably suggestive about a pair of shorts, so don’t dismiss these. 

    They are particularly comfy under mum jeans, knitted dresses and skirts, but look best with nothing else but a baggy T-shirt on. 

  • Brazilian 

  • For a more traditionally sexy choice, the Brazilian knickers have always been popular. These offer more coverage than a thong, but the material at the back cuts across the bottom, offering a peek of what lies beneath. 

    They tend to come in lace and sit low on the hips, leaving very little to the imagination, which is probably why they’re a favourite among partners, as well as the wearer. 

  • French

  • Brazil is not the only country who knows how to design sultry pants though, as French knickers are a must-have in any lingerie drawer. 

    These are typically a shorts-style shape in a loose, lightweight, lacy material. Some ladies love to wear this underneath their clothes to feel sexy, but they are probably most commonly worn as part of a lingerie set with a matching chemise.