Why Stoya Is Stupendous

Why Stoya Is Stupendous

Mention the name ‘Stoya’ and it might sound like a football team from Bucharest that won the European Cup back in the 80s. But when it comes to fleshlights, this particular one provides a man with almost as much joy as winning the biggest trophy in football.

Of course, while it may always be hard to imagine anything that makes a man happier than football, this might not be the case if he was to get to the real Stoya, or, to give her proper name, Jessica Stoyodinovich. 

The lady in question may have an east European-sounding name, but she wasn’t born in Bucharest or anywhere else over there. Instead, she hails from North Carolina in the US and became a model during her student days before moving in to the adult film industry. While she may be living across the pond, you can at least get the Stoya Fleshlight in the UK.

Like many similar fleshlights, this one is modelled on her real bits. But the difference is what lies inside. That aspect is not identical and while a guy may use his imagination, the actual experience is something else again. 

In particular, the Stoya Destroya has an extremely intense feel, with the shallower section having latex prongs for an intense feel. Deeper in, the sleeve is ribbed and narrows towards the end, providing a truly mind-blowing experience. 

If that proves too intense, the good news is that there are alternative versions. One is the Lotus or mini Lotus design, which is not so intense. Another is the Anal Sleeve, for those who want to imagine themselves taking Stoya via the back door.

The reviews are certainly positive and it goes down well with fans of Stoya. However, even those who know as little about her as they do of Romanian football will enjoy a quite exceptional experience.