Your Guide To Finding The Perfect Bra

Your Guide To Finding The Perfect Bra

When it comes to buying a bra, there are so many different kinds that it can be completely baffling. From safe and supportive to sizzling and sexy, here’s your ultimate guide to all manner of brassiere!


The T shirt bra

Every girl needs a couple of these in her undie drawer. They offer a good level of support, and have round seamless cups which are designed not to show under tight-fitting clothes.  They can be padded or non-padded, and some are underwired, while others are non-wired. Basically, they are a good everyday bra to create a no-hassle look.


The full-cup bra

This type of bra provides extra coverage and support, so that you can feel fully secure during a busy day. Great for those with a larger bust, who find that other types of bra just don’t fit their shape. If you tend to wear clothes with a high-cut neckline most of the time, this is the ideal bra for you. Make sure you measure up for the correct size.


The half-cup bra

This type of bra supports the bottom of your breasts, and is designed to uplift them. The bra cups are cut away to reveal the plumped-up cleavage. This style of bra is great for creating a cleavage if you have small to medium sized breasts, and want to wear a sexy low-cut top.


The balconette

The balconette is similar to the half-cup (also known as a demi-cup), but it offers more support and coverage. They are a favourite of those with a larger bust, because they create a pleasing curved silhouette without exaggerating the size of the breasts. They tend to have wider set straps than full-cup bras, and will work under most styles of clothing.


The plunge bra

The plunge bra is so called because they are low-cut at the centre, meaning that you can wear them with a plunging neckline without the bra line ruining your outfit. They also uplift the bust, and create a sexy cleavage. A must-have staple for any girl’s bra collection!


The bralette

Bralettes offer lighter support than other types of bra, and tend to be soft and unstructured. There are also underwired styles for those who want that little bit of extra support. They can be made from pretty layers of lace for when you want to feel slinky and sensual, or no-fuss cotton for those cosy days when you are just chilling out at home.


The strapless bra

The strapless bra is the perfect solution to those sartorial dilemmas that every girl has now and then! They allow you to wear off-the shoulder or strapless dresses and tops without any pesky bra straps getting in the way. They are designed with extra adhesive layers around the base to prevent them from slipping down.


Longline bra

The longline bra extends under the bust line, finishing about half-way down the rib cage. Some types extend down to the waist, with panelling to help create a shape. They are very supportive, and a perfect for creating a seamless silhouette under dresses. They are often worn as bridal wear, to help keep the wedding dress in place.


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