Best Shapewear For Popular Wedding Dress Styles

Best Shapewear For Popular Wedding Dress Styles

Every bride should exude confidence when wearing their wedding dress, but even with the most beautiful gown on, it is easy to feel awkward and uncomfortable if you haven’t got the right underwear. 

Now that wedding dresses come in a huge range of styles, here is a quick guide on what shapewear you should choose for your special day. 

  • Plunging bodysuits

  • For a wedding dress with a little spice, many brides are opting for plunging necklines. However, this type of frock also means if you wear a normal bra, everyone will see it. Pick a bodysuit that skims your waist and bum and has a plunging neckline, so you can still feel supported. 

  • Arm shapers

  • Some women are conscious of their hips, others are conscious of their arms. But these days you don’t just get underwear that gives you great silhouette for your waist and thighs, as arm shapers are becoming increasingly popular. 

    These gives those who are worried about their arms on photos a bit more confidence in their long-sleeved dress. 

  • Corsets

  • Corsets have been favoured as an undergarment for centuries, having first been used by women to create a more defined waist in 1600 BC, according to Vogue

    Well, they are still popular, thanks to their ability to “shape the body into distinctive silhouettes, from the hourglass shape popular in the 1800s to the ‘S’ figure of the 1900s”. 

  • Scoop backs

  • Lots of brides love wedding gowns with a low back these days, but they can make wearing underwear incredibly difficult. Thankfully, there is a wide choice of plunging low-back bodysuits, which provide good support while remaining hidden under the dress.

    After buying your shapewear for the wedding day, don’t forget to get sexy lingerie online for the wedding night.