Do You Know Your Bra Size?

Do You Know Your Bra Size?

If you have been wearing the same size bra for years despite not having been professionally measured then you are not alone, as most women have not got a clue what bra they should be wearing. 

A staggering 80 per cent of ladies are wearing the wrong bra size, risking discomfort, strains in the neck and shoulder, and sagging breasts. 

Even those who have had their breasts measured in the past might need to go again, as there are several things that can alter the shape and size of breasts over time. These include pregnancy, puberty, putting on or losing weight, hormonal fluctuations, and any surgical procedures. 

Women who are breastfeeding will know their assets can change size numerous times throughout the day! 

This is why experts suggest getting fitted every six months, so you are definitely wearing the right sized bra for you. Even if your bra size hasn’t change, it is also recommended to invest in new bras frequently too, as they can shrink or stretch, altering how well they fit you. 

To get a well-fitted bra, you can get professionally measured. However, an alternative that many women prefer is to do it themselves, as it means they can preserve their modesty and don’t need to leave their house. 

Follow a bra fitting guide, such as this one, which will tell you how to measure your band size, your bust measurement, and your cup size. 

Once you have done this, you can check your bras fit correctly, as the back of the bra should be level with the front, it should not feel too loose, straps should not fall down, the cups should not pucker, and your breasts should appear midway between shoulders and elbows when looking sideways in a mirror. 

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