How Plus Size Influencers Remind Us Curves Are Cool

How Plus Size Influencers Remind Us Curves Are Cool

The idea that there is an ‘ideal’ size and shape for women has been around for a very long time. Forget the idea that it is just the consequence of the social media age, advertising or the fashion industry; cultures around the world all have their own concepts of the perfect body and these have changed through history.

What is true, however, is that a proliferation of media has helped create plenty of platforms for the norms of the day to be challenged. Indeed, this has forced a response as designers and advertisers have been forced to pay a visit to the real world and acknowledge the reality that is ‘plus size’. That’s why sexy plus size lingerie is not just a thing, but a wonderful thing you can have a lot of fun with.

A fact often overlooked by lingerie designers in the past is that plenty of men actually find plus size sexy, not least because, let’s face it, many men are not exactly Adonis themselves.

Much of the attention on plus size models has focused on those who have fund fame this way, such as Ashley Graham or Tess Holliday, but what ensures that plus size is not just recognised but remains popular instead of just a passing fad may be the large number of plus size social media influencers.

A great example is Caliope, a Greek plus size influencer living in Mallorca who has an Instagram following of over 93,000. Happy to show the world her more than substantial curves (and that’s putting it mildly), she constantly posts under hashtags like body positivity and plus size.

She is just one of very, very many on the Gram who posts things like this. Click on the hashtag #plususze and you’ll see over 25 million posts and any number of accounts, often from larger ladies who are happy to show off what they have got and, judging by their ‘plus size’ followings, are getting lots of fans.

Other popular examples include blogger Emily Louise Swain with her 65,000 plus followers. She also has a fashion-themed YouTube channel, which is just one example of how there are multiple social media channels for plus-sizers to provide influence.

The great thing is that these followers are not just women showing solidarity. Some are, of course, which is great as it provides lots of encouragement and reminds women that they don’t have to fit with some preconceived notion of what constitutes sexy in order to feel good about themselves.

What is just as important about these accounts, however, is the fact that many of those following them are men. It’s not just that a plus size lady in lingerie can feel sexy, she can be absolutely sure there are loads of guys out there who will agree wholeheartedly.

For such men, it might be fun to follow someone on social media who is happy to show off her curves in lingerie, but it will be even better if they can come home to someone who will do it for real.